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How to Prepare for Your Pilgrimage:

Thank you for your desire and readiness to visit these places of grace and prayer. May the Almighty God reward you for all the efforts you undertake to come! We would like your trip to be as pleasant and helpful as possible, it is important to note that Shepherd Field Tours pilgrimages are packed full of spiritual activities and sightseeing. We do not include much free time for recreation, such as shopping. This is because our desire is to offer you the most comprehensive pilgrimage possible. However, all tours/activities are optional, and if you feel you are unable to keep up with the pace of the tour, manage the terrain, or would like free time for your own interests, you are welcome to refrain from participating in any aspects of the program you desire (of course, no refund can be issued for any aspects of the tour which you choose not to participate in). It is also important to note that the amount of walking is significant, and the terrain varies greatly throughout our tours. You will encounter hills, unpaved streets, cobblestone streets, etc. Please prayerfully consider whether or not you are up to such physical activities prior to registering. For this reason, we would like to offer you some recommendations, and we ask you sincerely to read them carefully. Before your pilgrimage, one should begin preparing physically as well as spiritually.

  1. 1. If not accustomed to physical activity begin walking “briskly” 1-2 times a day; build up to 2-3 miles with no discomfort.
  2. 2. If possible attend daily Mass or attempt to spend quiet time in church during lunch or after work.
  3. 3. Pray for Jesus and His Blessed Mother to open your heart and mind to be responsive to new perspectives, ideas, their words laid on your heart, etc.
  4. 4. Begin praying the rosary daily or at least the Apostle’s Creed, Our Father’s, Hail Mary’s & Glory Be’s; this takes about 5-7 minutes.


Final Documents: 
Shepherd Field Tours will ship your final documents to the address provided on your reservation application approximately 2-3 weeks prior to your scheduled departure date. The package will be delivered by FedEx. Your final documents will include your airline schedule hotel confirmations, emergency contacts, general trip information, luggage tags, and portfolio of travel documents, flight bag, and more. Carefully review to ensure that your name on the tickets are an exact match to that of your passport. Please note that the name field on your tickets is only 19 characters long, therefore names exceeding this length will be cut off (this is not a problem, as your actual reservation contains your full name). Please also carefully review the itinerary provided to ensure that all departure and destination cities, as well as dates, are correct. Please contact Shepherd Field Tours Tours immediately should any discrepancies be found.


Arrival Procedure:
After disembarkation from the plane you will clear immigration, and proceed to claim your luggage. You will exit the baggage claim into the arrival lounge where you will be greeted by your Tour Escort displaying a board or sign “Shepherd Field Tours”. Please remember to look for the sign!

If your plane arrives late, or you are re-routed you will probably miss the group transfer which is included in your package. In such circumstances you may need to pay for your separate private transfer, which you may submit a claim to the insurance and airline for reimbursement upon your return to the USA. Shepherd Field Tours Tours will do all possible to arrange for a private transfer to meet you upon your arrival (if we are aware of your misconnection/arrival flight), however, you will be responsible to remit payment to your driver upon drop off at your destination. If we have not been able to arrange for a driver to meet you, please call your local emergency contact (listed in your Final Instruction Booklet) so that they may dispatch a transfer for you If you opt to take a taxi to your hotel upon arrival should you miss the group transfer. Please remember to save your receipts. We strongly recommend the purchase of Traveler’s Insurance for this reason (https://shepherdfieldtours.com/travel-insurance/).


Arrival’s Hall:

Once you make your way through Customs and Baggage Claim, you will follow the signs to the Arrival’s Hall. Upon exiting into the Arrival Hall (underneath the ‘Welcome’ sign), a Shepherd Field Tours representative will be waiting for you straight ahead.


Shepherd Field Tours Sign:

As you can see, our Shepherd Field Tours representative will be holding up a round Shepherd Field Tours “Tours sign – highlighting out logo. Just look for the sign when you arrive.

Regarding the Sabbath in Israel – below please find some basic information about the Sabbath:
• The Sabbath starts at sundown on Friday and ends on sundown Saturday.
• During the Sabbath, religious Jews are not permitted to work (stores are closed, as well as public transportation, they can’t handle money, or use phones (except for an emergency). They are also not permitted to create a fire (if a fire is lit prior to the Sabbath it is permitted to be used – such as a stove, oven and heating) – in modern times this has been expanded to using electricity and driving a car (same as a before, if an electrical item was turned on prior to the Sabbath it can remain on but it cannot be adjusted or turned off.) Therefore if you arrive in your hotel prior to the start of the Sabbath, you may want to adjust the heating, lighting, air-conditioning and fans in their rooms before the Sabbath commences. ( Not all the hotels in Israel are Sabbath Observant.)
• Hotel elevator: during the Sabbath, the elevator is set to automatic and will simply run the entire Sabbath and open and close on every floor – allowing anyone to use it but they cannot control it.
• Additionally, being Sabbath Observant does not apply to anyone who is not Jewish, therefore you may be able to make adjustments to electrical or heating items.

Deposit and Final Payment: A deposit of $300.00 per person must accompany all reservations for the tour. Final payment is due 90 days prior to departure. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and checks. Make all checks payable to Shepherd Field Tours. Upon completion of your online registration, you will receive an email confirmation to review along with a link to your registration and links to purchase an optional travel protection plan. If you do not receive this email, please contact Shepherd Field Tours.

Passport: Your passport must be valid for 6 months beyond the return date of your trip.

Visa for Israel: Visas are not required for U.S. citizens in Israel. 

Airline Seating Requests and Special Meals: Any special airline seating (aisle/window) or airline meal requests must be made 90 days prior to departure. We cannot guarantee seat requests.

Items Not Included: Possible airline-imposed baggage fees (not anticipated), Lunch (see itinerary for specific details), Travel Protection, Tips and all items of personal nature are not included.

Single Supplement: There are a few private single rooms available. The cost of the single supplement is $700.

Tour Price: The tour price is based on existing airfare tariffs and currency exchanges as of June 2018, and are expected to be in effect at the time of the tour. If they should be increased, the price of the tour will change accordingly. You will need to indicate how you plan to pay your full payment (due 90 days prior to departure) as that will determine your land price. If you pay your full payment  with a check, you will receive a $100.00 discount per person.

Cancellation Policy: All cancellations must be received in writing. Please send your email to: info@shepherdfieldtours.com there is no refund within 90 days of departure. Therefore, we strongly encourage travel protection. Plans offer benefits for trip cancellation/interruption and more. When you purchase your plan, make sure you understand the “covered reasons” for canceling a trip. Read through the Plan Document as it contains benefits, coverages, and exclusions & limitations.

Travel Protection Coverage: Go to www.shepherdfieldtours.com and select the link for this tour to see the details on Travel Protection Coverage. There are two plans to choose from. Both plans are based on the cost of the trip- not your age! You may sign up for coverage by clicking the link on the Shepherd Field Tours website or the link on your emailed registration confirmation. Shepherd Field Tours highly suggests the purchase of Travel Protection and it is up to you to purchase it through Travel Insured or with another carrier of your choosing.